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Committee News

Dear Westside Members, Families & Friends,

Due to changing personal commitments, I will be stepping down from my Committee duties at the end of this season. A number of existing Committee members have also decided to step down.

As a result I have taken the extraordinary step of informing all members with as much lead time as possible. In order for the club to continue in 2015, we need your help. The following Committee positions must be filled by new volunteers at the AGM in September:

* President
* Secretary
* Admin Officer (Registrations & Finance)
* Facilities Manager
* Canteen Coordinator
* Program Coordinator – Squirts & SSF (Peter Thew will continue in 2015)
* Program Coordinator – Juniors
* Program Coordinator – Seniors (Peter Bromley will continue in 2015)
* Equipment Manager (Peter Thew will continue in 2015)
* Website Coordinator
* Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator

In short – if these key positions aren’t filled, then the club will not be able to continue to operate as an incorporated association and alternative actions will need to be taken.

If you believe you have the necessary qualifications or experience to make a commitment to one of these positions, please email your details together with the position of interest to

Please note that you must be a Westside Member to be able to take on a position.

Shane Downey
President, Westside FC